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Hostile Conquest
Loose Id
Available 3/11/14!
ISBN: 978-1-62300-695-2
Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary
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March 2014 arrow Hostile Conquest:
After the death of her father, Jazz never expected he would give half of his company away, let alone to a man like Cade. The fact he’s her step brother doesn’t ease the instantaneous lust she has for him. When their face to face confrontation is charged with hot, explosive sex, Jazz soon realizes Cade isn’t a man who will leave her side. But when she finds out the truth of her father’s intentions and Cade's part in it, can Jazz survive the betrayal?

An unexpected business proposition, lands Cade half ownership of a hotel empire. But it comes with a bizarre, secretive stipulation. The first step to completing it, is to get Jazz to see they'd be perfect to together. At their first meeting, Cade finds it no hardship to get to know Jazz better. The attraction between them fires his blood, and Cade goes to every length to hide the secret which could tear them apart.


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