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Conquest of Three

Once upon a time, Ivy believed she’d spend the rest of her life with Gage. But a tragic loss, sent him running from her, and his departure tore her world apart. Years later, he’s back in her life, but her desires have changed. She’s now in love with Jax, but equally still loves Gage. She's hiding a secret from them both. But confesses her true feelings to Jax, and surprisingly he agrees to a threesome. Can she truly make it work this time around with two men?

Jax never thought he’d find the perfect twosome to the ménage relationship he’s always wanted...always desired. He loves Ivy with all his heart, but the attraction to Gage is hard to ignore.

Filled with pain and too young to realize his mistake, Gage walked away from the woman he loved. A call from Ivy's brother, forces him back into her life, and now he isn’t willing to let her go. She’s who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but he never expected to have any feelings for Jax, the man Ivy’s also fallen for.